Our Fulgurite, Moldavite & Tektite Experiences...


Wow…I’m not sure where to begin!  These powerful stones have done so many amazing things for myself, my family and friends.  It all started for us when my husband and I really immersed ourselves into meditating and working with the Angelic realm.  That is when we first discovered the Fulgurites in our yard.  We took some pieces in to the local gemologist here in Sedona and he said yes, they are Fulgurites.  He then educated us on how rare and powerful they are and recommended some books to read. 


Shortly after we found the Fulgurites we started noticing more and more synchronicities in our lives.  The first thing we noticed was that we were attracting into our lives people in the different areas that we were drawn to like healers, spiritually minded and business oriented.  We also noticed when we would think of someone we had not spoken to in a long time that they would out of the blue call us.  Everyday things in our lives started to fall into place and flow so much easier and smoother.  Without even trying we were attracting people into our lives who had something we were looking for or had some information that we needed. 


An example.. One of the books I was reading about Fulgurites called “The book of stones” mentioned Moldavite.  So, I went down to one of the metaphysical stores here in Sedona and this gentlemen I had never met before started up a conversation with me and was talking about Moldavite.  I was very surprised and looked down to see if I was carrying a piece of paper or something with Moldavite written on it because, I didn’t know why he just started talking with me about it.  He was a wealth of information about Moldavite and recommended I get the Moldavite book to read. 


After talking with him and reading the book of stones I knew I had to get some Moldavite.  The store I was in did not carry any so I headed to another store when I saw a bookstore.  I went into the book store to see if they had the Moldavite book and they were out.  Since I live in a small town and we only have a couple of little bookstores he called the other stores for me and they were out too.  I was so disappointed because I was really excited about getting the book and didn’t want to wait a week or two to get it.  When I went home that night I saw on eBay someone in Sedona was selling a brand new Moldavite book.  I contacted the seller and he said he still had the book and he agreed to sell it to me and not charge me the shipping cost.  He asked where I lived and it just so happens he was going to be passing by the area where I live on his way out of town and agreed to meet me the next morning.  The next day before 9 am I had the Moldavite book in my hand!  What are the chances of going into a store looking for something and a complete stranger strikes up a conversation about what I was looking for and recommended a book which was sold out in town and the next morning before 9 am I had that book in my hand.  That is awesome!


I forgot to mention that my husband and I purchased a Moldavite pendant from one of the stores in town and we fell in love with them!  We later went back and purchased all of their Moldavites and Tektites.  These are amazing stones and we wanted all of our family, friends, and clients to have so we gave them as gifts for all of them.  When we have all 3 stones together we get a boost of energy and a rush like we can do and accomplish anything!  It’s an amazing experience.  Since our bodies were not use to the high frequency and powerful energy we could only hold the pieces for a short period of time before we started to feel dizzy and spacey.  Eventually we became accustomed to the energy and we are able to have them on us all day and night.  Other people we have talked with who use all 3 stones together have shared similar experiences.


Another experience I’ve had using the 3 stones has to do with my businesses.  I am a subtle energy practitioner and I practice energy medicine helping others get their bodies back into balance and harmony naturally.  One of the modalities I use in my practice is Aromatherapy.  I make my own organic therapeutic grade essential oil sprays for my clients, family and friends.  Everyone loves my sprays and they tell me all the time I need to get them into stores so other people can experience their wonderful scents and healing energies.  I tell everyone Thank-You however; I don’t have the time or know where to begin about getting my products into stores plus I was content on doing what I was doing.


About this time last year while I was meditating with my 3 stones I had this strong desire come over me to market my products.  I had no idea where to even begin and I remember watching on TV about this local gal who was a former model and now she owns her own successful salon and she marketed her products on the home shopping network and she also, donated her products for all of the nominees of one of the big award shows like the Oscars.  Then the light bulb went off in my head and I decided that’s what I will do…donate my products.  The question is who do I donate them to?  A couple of days later I was going through one of the local magazines and I saw an advertisement for the Sedona Film Festival and I decided to give them a call.  I met with the assistant executive director and showed her my sprays and she fell in love with them and said they will make great gifts for the filmmakers/actors gift baskets.  She loved them so much that she made me an offer that they have never done before and that was to allow me to sell at the film festival.  All the other vendors had to pay at least $1,000.00 or more depending on the space.  It was such a magical experience I’ll never forget and it was awesome to be apart of the film festival and to meet all the filmmakers and actors who received my sprays and to meet everyone who purchased them.  My sprays were such a hit that they have given me an open invitation to come back again next year!


About a week after the film festival one of the filmmakers I had met asked me if I would be interested in playing a role in his film.  I said I would love to however; I had never acted before nor had I taken any acting classes.  He said that is fine we will have you read and we will go from their.  To make a long story short I got the role and I play the main character!  My intent for the film festival was to just share my products with everyone and I had no idea I would end up playing the main character in a film which will be shown next year at the festival.  Amazing!


Since the film festival my products are now in a dozen stores including the health food stores in northern Arizona.  I also, have an opportunity to have my products carried in the Wild Oats national health food stores.  At the film festival I met one of Hollywood’s big filmmakers and his wife introduced me to one of her friends who owns a national health publication magazine that I will be writing articles for.  I created the only Reiki sprays that capture the essence, the energy and the power of each of the Reiki symbols for practitioners to use during treatments and attunements.  I also, have an opportunity to write an article for the international Reiki magazine regarding my sprays. 


It’s amazing how within a year my business has taken on a mind of its own and I’m the back seat passenger watching it all unfold in front of me.  It’s a very humbling and surreal experience and I look forward to where it takes me next!  I want to mention that we have a lot of Moldavite, Tektites and Fulgurites around us and in our home, car, and office at all times so our experiences may not be the same for everyone.  I can say however; everyone we gave these powerful stones to have experienced some kind of positive changes in their lives.


Oh my goodness…I can go on and on with other amazing things that have happened to us since we started using these amazingly powerful stones from the heavens.  We are passionate about them and feel we need to share them with everyone so they can help improve their lives and help raise the frequency of the planet. 




Wishing you all the best!


Michelle & Marty