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The Essence of Reiki Organic Essential Oils Spray Mists

Our high vibrational essences made specifically for Reiki practitioners and Reiki Master/Teachers.  They are the only Essences of Reiki™ and they are a wonderful healing tool for intensifying the Reiki energy and assisting you in giving treatments and attunements. 

Each Reiki symbol carries its own unique vibrational energy and has a specific meaning and purpose.  We created the Essence of Reiki™ to capture the energy, meaning, and purpose for each of the Reiki symbols.  When using the Reiki symbols for healing or attunements along with our spray mists it can help align your energy with the universe and allow you to achieve higher levels of awareness and consciousness.

Ingredients:  Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon artesian natural spring water which the Native Americans refer to as the sacred healing waters.  Organic therapeutic grade essential oils that have been carefully selected and best matches the energy of the symbol and its meaning, hand picked natural crystals & gemstones for their high vibrational energy, handwrite the Reiki symbol on the bottle and place the label over it, handwrite the word “LOVE” on the bottom of each bottle to help raise the vibrational energy in line with Dr Emoto's work messages from water, charge them with the Sedona Bell Rock Vortex energy which balances the male & female energies, then we Reiki bless each bottle with Love & Gratitude just for you! 

Our products are handmade from Sedona, Arizona and  do not have any alcohol, preservatives, dyes, or any animal derived ingredients.  They are environmentally friendly, people friendly, and 100% all natural ingredients.  That's it...Pure & Simple!


Essential oils can cause low grade plastic bottles to break down and leach toxic chemicals into the product changing the quality.  That is why we use only dark colored glass bottles to preserve the integrity of the essential oils and to help filter out the suns ultra-violet light.   

How to use:

At the start of the Reiki treatment or attunement it is very important for you to set your intention  for the purpose of the session and intuitively feel which spray mist is best for you or your client.  Then activate the space or specific location with the Reiki symbol you wish to use along with our spray mist for that particular Reiki symbol.

Power Symbol spray mist can be used in the car, home, office, on yourself or anywhere you want to increase the power of Reiki and for protection.

Mental & Emotional Symbol spray mist can be used for healing relationship challenges or for removing and clearing any mental, emotional and addictive blockages or stress.

Distant Symbol spray mist can be used anywhere and anytime to send Reiki to the past, present or future.

Master Symbol spray mist can be used to intensify the energy of the other Reiki symbols allowing you to achieve the highest level of effectiveness and to strengthen your connection with source.  


Reiki Basic Kit includes the following 2 oz spray mists: 

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Reiki Master kit includes the following 2 oz spray mists: 

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