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 Organic skincare for the Whole Family!





We are excited and proud to introduce the only skincare line that takes "Organic" to the next level by increasing your frequency to allow you to attract and receive with ease those things you want to create and manifest into your life!  There is nothing else like them available anywhere.


What do you want to create today?  Start your day by stating your intention for what you want to create.  Then use our products to help you align with the frequency that best matches what you want to attract.  Next be grateful and allow the process to begin!  Remember what we think about we bring about in our lives!  So relax, have fun and Enjoy the journey!


Each product is designed for the Body, Mind, and Soul.  For your Body use these products daily to help align your frequency with what you want to attract.  For your Mind say the affirmation which is included to help make a shift in your consciousness.  For your Soul it is the integration of the products, affirmation and your intention to help you manifest and create your hearts desires


Our Organic therapeutic grade skincare products are available in 8 oz sizes.  For the ingredient list please select the products below.


Our products are sold individually or you can purchase one of our kits.  Each kit contains a 8 oz size of our Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath/Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, and Essential Oils Spray Mists.   

  • Single oil kits - your choice of the following scents:  Lavender, Lotus, Ylang Ylang

  • Blends kit - your choice of the following scents:  Angelic Protection, Divine Guidance, Little Angels, Love & Happiness, Peace & Relaxation, Prosperity & Abundance, Unlimited Potential.

  • Reiki kits - Basic Reiki Kit or the Reiki Master Kit