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What are Sedona's Vortexes?



 What are the Vortexes of Sedona and why are they so special? It is said by many that coming to Sedona Arizona is a "calling". With it's beautiful Red Rock Mountains. This small mystical town in the high desert of Arizona has so much more to offer than just it's breath taking beauty. Sedona is known for being a spiritual mecca; where people travel from all over the world just to experience the powerful healing vortexes and the energies of the earth.

The energy here in Sedona is so amplified that many people can not understand what it is that they are feeling. Some experience an anxiety, some a sense of homecoming, some can not really even describe what it is they just notice the heightened awareness and synchronicities that are occurring around them but, what is it really?

A vortex is the funnel shape created by the motions of spiraling energy. The swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the surface of the earth. The energy is physically visible by the juniper trees that surround it who's branches grow twisted.


This concentrated energy helps us amplify what ever healing is needed for our spiritual healing and growth. There are male, female, and balanced vortexes in Sedona. Each one has it's own healing properties. A male vortex (electromagnetic energy) would be helpful for someone who is unable to say no. Or what we call an over giver.  This helps to balance the male energy so that the person can stand in their power and create healthy boundaries. It can help to more our creative energies and get us moving in life, or help us to gain more physical energy for healing the physical body, as in the case of visiting Bell Rock vortex. The female vortexes (magnetic energy) would be for someone who is wanting to open their intuitive centers and allow themselves to be more nurturing. While a balanced vortex does just that helps to balance both the masculine and feminine energy centers. Having healing done at any of these vortexes amplifies the energy and gives the facilitator or healer a wonderful energetic boost so the process may be magnified. The energy of the vortexes interacts with whom or what a person is in their inner self. It resonates with and strengthens the ability to connect with your higher self and can be felt up to a half mile from the vortex. This can be felt because the subtle energies of the vortex is very similar to the energies within our own energy centers.

Here's some more information about the Bell Rock Vortex.


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