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 Energetic Balancing Program Instructions





A very important part of this program is your photograph. Please send or email us a recent photograph taken within one month.  The photograph needs to show your face and also your head to your feet.  The background needs to be white or a neutral color.  It is very important to not have any people, animals or plants in the photo because it will pick up on their energy.

Please wear clothing that does not have any metal zippers and belt buckle etc.  We suggest sweatpants, tee shirt, and bare feet.  Do not wear jewelry or a watch, as this will interfere with your aura.

If you are mailing us a photo please print your name on the back of the picture.  We suggest that you do not allow anyone else to touch your photo and that you enclose it in a zip lock plastic bag. Please use a photo mailer to prevent bending of the photograph.

Optional...send us a sample of your hair so we can include it in the program.  To obtain your hair sample, cut a small lock of hair and place it into a zip lock bag with your name, address, and telephone number. It is important that no one else touches the hair sample but you. If your hair has been treated with chemicals at the beauty shop, it will not interfere with the integrity of the sample.

Thank you in advance for participating in this life changing program!  To get started please go to the link below and complete the application.  Enjoy the Journey!

Energetic Balancing Application


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