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What is The Energetic Balancing Program?

We believe that The Energetic Balancing Program is the most extraordinary and sophisticated energy alignment technology available in the world today. It explores the subtleties of the unconscious on all levels, body, mind and spirit. The program responds by providing information that may influence certain energetic imbalances often associated with physical, emotional or mental stress. By recognizing the body as a creation of energy, it enjoins the kinetic matrix of the individual in an attempt to establish harmonic resonance within that system.

A photographic image provides the key ingredient. According to the “holographic archetype,” a picture contains the vibratory pattern of the organism, thus establishing a dynamic inter-connectedness between the individual and his/her image. This representation reflects the ever changing subtle activity patterns of the individual on a moment to moment basis. The holographic model also implies that a photo provides the personal engram of an individual, thereby portraying a dynamic replica of the greater universal hologram.

Each photo, in addition to demographic information, is scanned into the database of a specially designed computer/program system. The specialized data, imbedded in the software, flows over the photograph in a continuous and rhythmic manner. As a result, each participant receives a gentle template of balancing energies 24 hours a day. The higher self of the individual, exhibiting the dynamics of the unconscious at all levels, receives only the energetic information that is needed to assist in harmonizing the human energy system; thereby providing a mechanism for the body to assist in it’s own healing endeavor.

In an effort to understand how this program may aid in the removal of energetic imbalances, it might be helpful to think of an event in your life that was extremely stressful. Perhaps at the age of six you fell and fractured your ankle. At age fourteen your mother died and you were grief stricken and inconsolable for several months. At age thirty you had a prolonged episode of viral bronchitis and were incapacitated for weeks. Each event sent out a vibrational ““depth charge” that disturbed the energetic structure of your body. These “road blocks” once set up, often impede the flow of “life force” in various parts of your body. Compare these stressful events to the outer fibrous layers of an artichoke. Now, imagine that each layer contains the memory of the physical and emotional symptoms expressed by each of the aforementioned stressful events. Next, try to visualize each layer being gently peeled back, until the heart of the artichoke is revealed, and the most vibrant and succulent part is exposed without the weight of the heavy, outer layers.

As The Energetic Balancing Program attempts to aide in the process of peeling back these layers of stress, occasionally a “retracing” process occurs, and the individual may re-experience a series of symptoms in the reverse order in which they formerly occurred. For example, citing the previous explanation, an individual may feel symptoms similar to the bronchitis he/she experienced at age thirty, then the body remembers the “signature” of sadness and depression felt after the death of one’s mother.

And finally, the pain expressed as a result of the ankle that was fractured years ago, as that energetic obstruction is revisited. Therefore we can perceive the human form as an intricate tapestry of energy which is interwoven in an incredibly organized way. We know that the cells of the human body are nourished by the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe, as well as from the flow of vital “life force” which is distributed to all of the organs and tissues. We are then Energy Beings, whose diseases may be ameliorated by surgical procedures and allopathic medications, but also affected by a greater, and more subtle energy field, affecting the entire body and its neurological system.

The purpose of The Energetic Balancing Program is to re-establish harmonic integrity throughout the body, while at the same time, perpetuating the highest degree of vitality within the framework of the multi-dimensional spirit, mind, body ideal. It is up to each of us, as individuals, to take a leap in consciousness toward a new level of spiritual understanding, unleashing the unbridled healing power and potential within our grasp.  Thousands of people all over the world have experienced the extraordinary benefits of the energetic balancing program to raise their consciousness and heal themselves naturally.

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