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Here are a few comments our customers shared with us:

I want to let you know the Reiki sprays are excellent!  They work very well with amplifying, clearing and setting up the energies in a healing space.  I used them this morning as I was preparing my space to teach my crystal class and wow the crystals livened up and the energy of my space was wonderful.  You have a GREAT product and keep up the good work!

Lots of Love and Light
Paul Ka'iwi Vincze

Paradise Potentials in Sedona, Arizona

Regarding the Emotional Reiki spray...I've been up and down lately letting go of some old hereditary mis-beliefs about abundance and love. I'm clearing bits at a time as I can.  I've used the spray in direct relation to this and it always has an effect on me. I'm not even sure what it is but I always come back to more love when I use it. And it is IMMEDIATE! I remember how clear you are and how loving and then I shake my head and think, of course. It's pure love.  Mostly, it you. Thanks so much for creating these.   "name withheld by request"

I love the fragrance of the Prosperity & Happiness spray.  I feel abundant with each spray.  It's fun to spray my current projects with them and I love the added energy.  Thank you Michelle for the love you've infused in these products.

Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.  -The Attitude Doc


 I went to the Sedona International Film Festival where I picked up a bottle of Heavenly Scents Prosperity & Abundance spray mist.   I sprayed it on myself and in the store and within an hour we had our first sale in two weeks and sales continued through out the day.  At the end of the day I realized the areas in the store where I sprayed the prosperity & abundance were the areas we sold items.  Also, that day I received a check in the mail unexpectatntly! 

 Candace, The Passport Destination Gallery in Cottonwood, AZ

         I use the Peace & Relaxation for my 2 year old daughter when she has a tough time going to sleep and it works like a charm! 

         Sarah, Scottsdale, AZ

We use the sage spray mist in our practice to clear the exam rooms from any energies left behind from the previous patient.  We have used the other sprays as well and noticed a difference in the energy of our patience and office staff.  We highly recommend these products to our patients!

Dr. Michaels, Phoenix, AZ

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