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 This section is ONLY for renewal customers and family plan members!

This is a renewal application and my ID Code is

I am eligible for the family discount rate because my spouse/partner/parent is receiving energetic balancing.

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I hereby request Energetic Balancing for the following length of time and cost:


1 year program includes two FREE months for a total of 14 months plus one (1) L.I.F.E. System session a $150.00 value and two (2) affirmation changes per month a $240.00 value.


Adult $1,000.00 special price for $600.00 


Spouse/Child $800.00 special price for $400.00

Pet $500.00 special price for $360.00

Property or Building $300.00 special price for $150.00


1 year family plan (up to 5 participants in the immediate family- adults, children, pets, or property) .  $2,000.00  summer special pricing for $1,000.00.  Includes 2 FREE months for a total of 14 months plus three (3) L.I.F.E. System sessions a $450.00 value and three (3) affirmation changes per month a $360.00 value.


6 month program includes one (1) FREE month for a total of 7 months plus one (1) affirmation change per month a $60.00 value.

Adult $600.00  special price for $450.00

Spouse/Child $400.00 special price for $300.00

Pet $250.00  special price for $125.00

Property $150.00  special price for $100.00


1 month program

Adult $300.00  special price for $150.00

Spouse/Child $200.00  special price for $100.00

Pet $125.00 special price for $75.00 

Property or Building $75.00 special price for $50.00


Additional services and pricing:

Affirmation changes $10.00 per change per person

Reiki healing grid for one month $20.00 per person

The L.I.F.E. System initial session $150.00

The L.I.F.E. System follow up session $100.00


Making “I AM” statements is calling into action the intelligence that is acting in and through you. “I AM” is the creative word; the initial word that produces creation and from which all creation springs. The words “I AM” releases energy from God and invokes life. To think and speak those words draws life into manifestation.

The universe is like a great Xerox machine. Like a photocopier, it does not make judgments about what you put into it, it simply duplicates. Think of it this way - this particular copying machine is computerized and the words “I AM” is the access code. “I AM” opens the program and whatever you say following “I AM” is like a computer command - it tells the program (your body/spirit) what to do.

The Energetic Balancing Program has the unique ability to incorporate and change your personal individual affirmations as often as you wish for a small fee.  For an example if you have an exam coming up you can change your affirmations to assist you in increasing your learning abilities and to help you study.  You can also, change your affirmations to assist you during special times such as...meetings, stress,

For instance say one week you will be studding for an upcoming exam you can change your affirmation for that week to assist you in learning.  The following week you want to take a vacation and relax you can change your affirmations to assist you in being calm and relaxed.

These statements are very powerful and will support your intent to create maximum health and vitality into your life.

This part of the program can be updated as often as you wish (small fee may apply)  Just email us at customerservice@heavenlyscent with the affirmations you would like and we can update the system with your new affirmations.

Examples of positive affirmations:

“I AM in perfect health.”

“I AM abundant in all areas.”

“I AM full of energy and vitality.” 

"I AM ___________________."


To complete your application please go to the link below to fill out your client information.

Energetic Balancing Client Information   


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