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Our unique product line is created around the amazing  healing energies of organic therapeutic grade essential oils.  I started using these high frequency essential oils a decade ago and I do not go a day without them!   I've been creating spray mists for over 10 years and 4 years ago after my first son was born I began creating our skincare products.  I wanted a product that smelled good, was all natural, very safe and effective for even small children.  I also, wanted the product to help balance my body, mind, and soul allowing me to be in alignment with those things I want to create in my life.  For more information about how I got started click here.

We take “Organic” to the next level by creating powerful healing products to help raise your vibrational energy to bring your body back into balance and harmony.  We lovingly handcraft our unique products with the help of mother nature.  We combine nature’s essences of essential oils with the powerful healing vibrations of crystals and gemstones, along with Reiki and conscious intent.  This combination has a positive affect on the energy within and around you to help awaken your life’s purpose so you can create and manifest your heart desires.

What are essential oils?  They are the liquid or life force energy of the plant that are distilled from seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruit.  They were mankind’s first medicine and they have helped us heal for thousands of years and continue to do so today!  Therapeutic grade essential oils are distilled at low pressure and low temperature to preserve the delicate aromatic compounds and to maintain the purity, frequency, and the medicinal value of the oil.  Not all organic oils have medicinal value! 


Research has shown…therapeutic grade essential oils can raise your frequency and increase the production of white blood cells, which helps strengthen our immune  system to fight infectious illnesses.  Weber State University did a study and found the test scores and alertness of students increased by 28% when they diffused therapeutic grade essential oils in the classroom. 


Essential oils can invigorate, stimulate, soothe and calm you, help you sleep, promote endurance, awaken your Divine Self, refresh and rejuvenate you. They are analgesic to an aphrodisiac, a stimulant to a sedative.


Do you want more energy?  Do you want a better night’s sleep?  Are you stressed?  Do you want to create peace & harmony in your life?  Do you want to attract prosperity and abundance?  If so, let us show you how using our unique products can help you create your hearts desires.



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