Sedona, Arizona Fulgurite 

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What are Fulgurites? 

Fulgurites are glassy tubes that are formed when lightning strikes the sand or rock.  Lightning carries extremely large amounts of static electricity which is discharged in a very small spot, and the temperature there has been calculated to be hotter than the surface of the sun.  The heat is intense enough to vaporize the sand at the center of the strike and to melt the material around the edges.  The tube is formed from the melted sand and the hole down the middle is where the vaporized material had been.  Fulgurites come in various shapes, sizes and color.  Some can be hollow tubes and others can be glassy on one side and or sand/rock on the other side.


Fulgurites are one of the most powerful stones for manifesting one’s visions through the power of prayer.  The lightning energy is believed to be the touch of the Divine, still resides in them, and they can act as magnifiers of one’s clear intention, building a powerful resonance between oneself and the powers of the higher worlds.


Fulgurites have a strong, high-frequency vibration, and they seem to hold a clear resonance with the powerful electrical force that created them.  Holding a Fulgurite, one may sense a vortex of energy whizzing through the chakras and all levels of the Light body, purifying and cleansing the entire system.  There may also be a strong arousal of the Kundalini forces of creativity and inner power.


Fulgurites are powerful for grounding the Light body and manifesting one’s higher purpose.  Fulgurite is a stone of prophecy, opening the higher chakras to Divine energy.  It opens and clears the psychic and intuitive senses and can assist one in rapidly connecting with the frequency of the Divine through prayer or meditation. 


Fulgurite is especially helpful for those ready to experience major breakthroughs and to release habit patterns that no longer serve.  Fulgurite will assist you in brining your thoughts into form, so be sure to hold positive thoughts and do this work only after surrendering to the Divine.  This will ensure your creations serve the highest good!


What makes Sedona, Arizona Fulgurites more powerful than other Fulgurites?  It has the powerful energy infused within it from the Bell Rock Vortex which is known for it’s up flow energy that turbo-boosts any prayer or meditation, balances the male and female energies and is known world wide for it amazing healing powers.  For information about vortexes click here.  The Bell Rock vortex is known for being one of the best spiritual stress-reduction sites.  Local Spiritual Seekers, Reiki Masters, Mystics, Shamans, Psychics and Clairvoyants that have held and worked with this Fulgurite have said it has an intensely powerful energy and along with Moldavite and Tektite it is one of the most amazing tools they have ever worked with.  This Fulgurite was found on private property within a mile from the world renowned Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona. 


Click here to read about our experiences with the Fulgurites.




Fulgurite for meditating & manifesting – hold in your hand while meditating, deeply visualizing your prayers or intentions, then surrender it to the Divine.  Fulgurites have a tremendous affinity with Moldavite and Tektite.  While meditating, hold a Moldavite in one hand and a Fulgurite and Tektite in the other.  The combination of these energies can bring about profound purification, transformation and awakening of evolutionary forces within you.    


Fulgurite for chakra clearing - place one Fulgurite on each chakra, one between the feet, one for the Soul Star (six inches above the head), and one for the ninth chakra, (about three feet above the head).  This type of layout can create an energy vortex, or tornado effect, in which one’s entire energy body receives a complete purification and activation.


Spiritual – Hold in your hand while meditating, praying, or asking for guidance.  It assists one in embodying higher-energy frequencies and in connecting with the frequency of the Divine.  It is an excellent stone for teachers, channelers and others who must accurately speak information and guidance from the higher realms.


Emotional – Have on you or near you .  it can rapidly clear patterns from the emotional body and aid in clearing all forms of relationships.  Fulgurite is also excellent at shedding light on the karmic aspects of relationships with others in your life.


Physical – Have on you or near you.  it can be helpful in instances of low or constricted physical energy.  It can assist in healing blockages and strengthening blood flow in the extremities and capillaries.  It is a good stone to use for strengthening of the muscles and tissues of the body, activate the thymus, to improve the immune system, and to balance the nervous systems of the physical and ethereal bodies. 


Affirmation – I call upon the Divine to join me in manifesting the prayers of my highest intention, and I surrender my attachment to outcomes.


Astrological Signs:  Virgo & Gemini

Element:  Storm

Chakras:  All

Key Words:  Manifestation of one’s higher purpose, enhancement of prayer, Kundalini awakening, deep cleansing and purification on all levels, sudden awakening. 


(The above information was taken from Love is in the earth by Melody and The book of stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian)



(These are some of the Fulgurites we found in our yard.  They vary in color, size, texture, weight, and shape.)





Here's how they look when we found them in our yard



Sand Fulgurites typically sell for $8.00 + a gram depending on size, texture, weight, shape, and location.  The Sedona Fulgurites are extremely rare and the metaphysical properties are more powerful than the other fulgurites because, they are from Sedona and they have the Bell Rock Vortex energy infused within them.   It has been suggested by many experts to sell them starting at $10.00 a gram on up.  We have been blessed with an amazing gift found in our yard and instead of keeping them all to ourselves we want to share them with others to help make a positive difference in someone's life and for the planet.  For us it is not about the money!  We want to share these powerful healing and manifestation tools with as many people as possible so we have priced them very affordable at $3.00 a gram.


They are a once in a lifetime piece so, unless lightning strikes Sedona and the Bell Rock Vortex area again and makes fulgurites when they are gone that's it!




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Please note we are in the process of adding more pictures to our website so if you don't see what you are looking for please email us  and we will do our best to find a piece for you.  Remember these Fulgurites are extremely rare and when they are gone that's it!


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* Blow through (Hollow Tubes)


"The Buffalo"  103 grams

70 grams

60 and 64 grams

23 grams

16 grams

15 grams -Regular and Blow Through (Hollow Tubes)

14 grams

13 grams

12 grams -Regular and Blow Through (Hollow Tubes)

10 grams -Regular and Blow Through (Hollow Tubes)

9 grams

8 grams

6 grams

5 grams

4 grams

3 grams

2 grams



The Powerful Healing & Manifesting Trio - (Sedona, AZ Fulgurite, Czech Republic Moldavite (museum grade), and Tibetan Tektite).



Fulgurite Chakra Balancing Kit - includes:  10 Fulgurites (0-1 gram size), Chakra layout chart, instructions, and a carrying pouch to keep them in.  $29.95 + $5.00 shipping by USPS Priority Mail. 




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