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Our Hummingbird Friends


The above pictures were taken on August 6, 2007.  After I put the boys down for their nap I walked by the patio door and found this little one on the porch.  I gave him some water, Reiki, and some love and he was good to go!  Today I also, rescued a wild bird that flew into our house, found 3 four leaf clovers and a scorpion in our house.  I wonder what this all means if anything????


Above are pictures of the baby hummingbird who flew into our house on Friday, July 27, 2007.  She hit the glass window trying to get out and it knocked the wind out of her.  So with a little something to drink, Reiki and Love she regained her strength and was able to go home.  My sons helped me give Reiki to this little angel!





Above are pictures of the hummingbird that was laying on the ground by our patio door on Monday, June 18,2007.  We gave him something to drink, Reiki, and Love and he soon regained his strength.  After he perked up we tried to let him go but he wouldn't go.  So, we put him in the cage and he just sat on the perch for over an hour.  We picked up the cage and moved it and it didn't matter he stayed put.  I guess he was happy just being with us and checking us out.  During this time I kept thinking about Dr Wayne Dyers story with the monarch butterfly.  I've always told my family and friends that if I come back and took an animal form it would be a hummingbird or a dolphin. 


I use to raise Lady Gouldians and Owl finches and I had to find new homes for them when we moved out of state.  On Saturday June 16th, I found a brand new bird cage at a garage sale and I decided to buy it because it was a good deal!  I'm not sure why I did it because we don't have any birds.  Two days after I got the birdcage we had our first hummingbird come for a little love and help.  I guess I was meant to get the cage for them!



About 5 yrs ago I found a hummingbird by the front door and I gave him something to drink and love and within an hour he was ready to go home.  I love these little guys!



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