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How we create our products...


Our high vibrational energy products are lovingly made by hand from beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  They are all made with the following...

Sedona Oak Creek Canyon artesian natural spring water which the Native Americans refer to as the powerful healing waters.


Organic therapeutic grade essential oils for their medicinal value and high vibrational energy.


Natural crystals & gemstones - we hand pick each one for their powerful healing energies.


Every step of the process is infused with "LOVE" and has "Love" written on the bottom of the bottles to help raise the frequency keeping in line with Dr. Emoto's work Messages from water.


We charge everything with the energy from the Sedona Bell Rock Vortex which balances the male and female energies.   


Then we Reiki bless them with Love and Gratitude for YOU!


Our products do not have any alcohol, preservatives, dyes, additives or any animal derived ingredients.  They are environmentally friendly, people friendly, pet friendly, and 100% all natural organic ingredients.  That's it...Pure & Simple!


A portion of all profits are donated and the bottles are recyclable and made from recyclable materials



Our guarantee...we want to provide our customers with unique products which we believe can make a positive difference in your life!  If for any reason after you had a chance to use our product and you are not satisfied with it we want you to return it to us for a full refund!


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