How a little piece of the Universe CAN help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions!


It's that time of year again – when millions of people from around the world reflect back to the previous year to determine what habits they want to resolve and how to replace them with new ones.  We start the New Year off with good intentions however; as the weeks and months go by we slowly become discouraged when results don’t come quickly enough.  We lose motivation, procrastinate on taking action and the next thing we know our hopes and dreams are a fading memory.


How you can make your dreams come alive 

Scientist have proven that everything is energy even our thoughts and emotions.  What we think and feel is what we create in our lives that is why our thoughts and emotions are so powerful!  When we are excited and passionate about something we are sending out positive energy.  This energy is then magnified which draws us towards it making it easier for us to reach our goals and dreams.


When we “have to do” something we are typically coming from a place of low energy or negative energy which makes the task a burden or chore and we have little to no desire to want to complete it.  For example, I have to lose weight - instead of focusing on the negative aspect (lose), change your thoughts to positive ones that will empower you and move you towards your goals.  My body is healthier, stronger and I have more energy to do the things I want.  By changing your thoughts and emotions and taking action you can achieve your goals easier.  


How crystals & gemstones can help

Crystals & gemstones have been around for millions of years and civilizations from around the world have always, and still continue to use them for their powerful healing abilities.  They are the most powerful transmitters of vibrational energy known to man.  Their vibrational energy interacts with ours and raises our energy field helping us to discover who we are and what our hearts desires are.  They can also, help us become aware of the destructive patterns that limit us, so we can release those things that no longer serve us and to develop new beliefs that bring joy and happiness into our lives.


Did you know…each time we set a goal that we do not complete it causes the cycle to continue and the habit becomes deeper and more difficult to break.  By incorporating crystals & gemstones into your life you can break the habits.


How we can use them in our daily lives

In your home, they can help protect you from negative energies by stimulating the atmosphere with loving vibrations which help to bring joy and harmony into the home.  At work they can help you achieve success by protecting you from EMF's from your computer and other electronic devices that can cause stress and lower your vibrational energy.  When you use them for physical and emotional healing, their powerful vibrational energy resonates with the parts of your body that are out of balance helping to bring it back into balance and harmony.


Which stones can help me achieve my goals? 


Moldavite -was formed when large meteorites struck the earth about fifteen million years ago in Czech Republic.  Moldavites are the rarest of gems, perhaps rarer than diamonds, rubies or emeralds.    Moldavites are one of the most prized and sought-after stones for its powerful healing abilities for the body, mind, and spirit.  It is also, one of the best diagnostic stones we have available today!  Moldavite is called the Grail stone because it is the only green stone that ever fell from the sky and it is regarded as a spiritual talisman because, it can help show you the path to spiritual enlightenment. 


Moldavites have a powerful amplifying effect and are excellent to use with other stones because they can magnify their energies.  Moldavite can take you beyond your self-limiting belief system into uncharted realms of infinite possibilities. 


When you hold, wear, meditate or carry Moldavite it will raise your vibrational energy and increase your energy field.  The universal law of attraction says what we focus on becomes our reality.  Like attracts like.  Every thought we send out attracts like energy which will then be strengthen and come back to us like a boomerang.  Moldavite is a great stone to use to make changes in your life and to easily manifest your heart desires and dreams.






Fulgurite – are formed when lightning strikes the ground and transforms the sand into glassy tubes.  The temperature of a lightning bold is hotter than the surface of the sun.  The heat is so intense that it vaporizes the sand at the center of the strike and it melts the material around the edges.  The tube is formed from the melted sand and the hole down the middle is where the vaporized material had been. 



Fulgurites are one of the most powerful stones for manifesting.  When you combine it with Moldavite and Tektites the combination of these energies work synergistically with one another to bring about profound purification, transformation and awakening.


Fulgurites are especially helpful for those ready to experience major breakthroughs and to release habit patterns that no longer serve.  It can assist one in fulfilling ones goals and in completing tasks.   

It can be used to align the energy centers of the physical body and to balance the nervous systems of the physical and ethereal bodies.






Tektite – are small pieces of meteorite sometimes called the stone of ‘good luck’.  Tektites are believed to bring wealth and fertility to those who carry it.  Tektites help to increase and strengthen one’s energy field and allowing you to attract others with similar energies.  It is a good stone to use if you want to attract like minded friends and business partners.




Tektite stimulates one’s psychic and intuitive abilities and it helps to clear and open the chakras.  Carrying or wearing a Tektite can heighten the vibrational energy of one’s energy field allowing one to release negative energies.  Tektites can help expand the consciousness which makes it a great stone to use while meditating.   


Here are some other stones to help with change…

·         Red garnet (rhodolite) – promotes confidence and success.

·         Rhodocrosite –provides support during transitions; attracts comfort.

·         Rhodonite – provides emotional support and allows you to see the big picture.

·         Sugilite – helps to build confidence so you can reshape your life.

·         Clear quartz – general healing and balancing.

·         Snowflake obsidian – provides grounding and insight.

·         Black onyx  - helps control emotions and negative thoughts.


When using crystals & gemstones to help make changes in your life the first step is to set your intention.  Intention is the key when you want to create any type of change.  Write down where you are right now in your life and what type of changes you want to make.  Then with feeling and emotion visualize your life the way you want it with those changes made. 


In the NOW see your healthy body walking outside and feel the warmth of the sun shining on you.  Hear the birds singing in the trees and feel the wind slowly move across your face as you stop to smell the flowers.  The final step is to take action.  Act and do the things you would do as if the changes have already been made. 


YOU are the only one who has the power to create and make your dreams come true!  The key to remember is that your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and physical health all play a role in making any kind of change in your life.  It all starts with an open mind, heart and willingness to take the action and make it happen!


Wishing you all the best for your highest good!