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Here's some funny pictures of our animals to help put a smile on your face...Enjoy!


This is what happens when you turn your back for a minute... 


 I guess it’s the kids turn to drive…anyone want to go for a ride?


This is what happens when your driving around and you pick up a hitchhiker. 


The next thing you know you have more than you bargained for.  


This is what happens when the hitchhiker doesn't like your driving and wants to take over!      


I've got the steering wheel you just watch the back.      

With the added weight we can hardly move.  So what do we do?  We get a little help from our friends!


When that doesn't work we need more horse power.  Now that we have the extra horse power we can really move if we could just get someone to direct traffic!


~*Note…I have had a lot of parents ask me why the horse has a mask on her face and it’s because the flies are attracted to the moisture around her eyes and they can irritate them and cause an infection.  The fly mask is made out of a netting material that has holes so she can see out of it.  So, she is fine and nothing is wrong with her J   

I have also been asked how did we get the animals to do what they did in the pictures and the answer is nothing!  They did it all on their own without our help J  Our animals are always doing cute and silly things we just don’t always have the camera on us to capture it.  The day I took those pictures I had just finished taking some pictures of the veggies in our garden so I had my camera to snap those funny pictures J ~*

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Just another silly day on the little mini farm...please check back often for more funny pictures!



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