Sedona, Arizona Fulgurites 12 grams

These beautiful Fulgurites  were found in Sedona, Arizona and they have the powerful Bell Rock Vortex energy within them!  They have NOT been cleaned - this is how we found them!  Please email us if you want to see more pictures of any of them. 



Sedona, Arizona Fulgurites 12 grams / 0.421 oz  - Price $40.00 for specimen #2 & 3.  Specimen #1 is a blow through for $60.00 ($5.00/gram).  Shipping is an additional $5.00 and we ship by USPS priority mail.

Specimen #1 approximately 2 1/4" long, glassy on one end and the other has a blow through.  $60.00 ($5.00/gram)

Specimen #2 approximately 2 1/4" long and glassy on one end. $40.00.

Specimen #3 approximately 1 1/2" long and glassy on both ends. $40.00.